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PR Consultants to 

grow their business 

Freelance marketing and PR support 

Hi, I'm Ali

I’m a marketing and PR freelancer helping busy marketing and PR consultants to grow their business

You + An extra pair of experienced hands = Business growth

When we work together you can say “yes” more. You can scale up your business and earn more money – all while working to achieve the lifestyle you want.

Is this you?

  • Spinning (too) many plates?
  • Feeling overstretched, stressed or exhausted?
  • Need someone to take care of the “doing”, so that you can focus on the strategic stuff?

You’re a busy marketing or PR consultant who has an established client list.

You want to take your successful business to the next level.

You’d love additional resource but you don’t want the headache of hiring an employee. And you need more than admin support via a virtual assistant.

Why not outsource your work to an experienced freelancer? With more than a decade in marketing, PR and communications, I provide an extra pair of steady and experienced hands that will help you to achieve more.

Help is at hand

Here are a few ways in which I can help support you and your business to grow. You’ll get:

More headspace

When we work together, you’ll have peace of mind that stuff is being done and get extra headspace to focus on more important things - aka the strategic stuff for your clients, as well as your own business. One client even said I helped her to bring calmness to her day.

A new team member

If you have ever felt a moment of overwhelm or confusion in not having a team to pass work to or bounce ideas, this is where I come in. I’ll be your valued team member and colleague, working with you to reach your goals. I’m on your side.

An increase in turnover

You can take on additional clients when we work together, which means more income for your business. And because my day rate is going to be less than yours, you might like to charge my time out at your rate. One client saw a significant increase in turnover in when working with me.

Kind words

The big obstacle for me is time. While this is obviously the reason for working with you, it was initially a barrier – as I imagined that I would need to spend more time managing the work you do for me. Happily, this is not the case! I now have peace of mind that the elements of project work are being done. More than this, you regularly go above and beyond the brief and suggest ways to improve things. Your initiative, flexibility and enthusiasm are all great things that come with your service.
Jennie Spears
Bloom PR & Communications