A bit about me and how I’ll help you

If you’re at capacity and need someone to take a load off or if you’re eager to take on some additional clients and exciting new projects, I can help you out.

Having worked in marketing, PR and communications for more than 10 years in my former “corporate” life at international publishing companies and not-for-profits, I now help clients with a range of marketing and PR projects.

I provide an extra pair of safe and steady hands that will quickly progress your projects, whether that is in the form of desk research, content development or benchmarking and analysis.

So if you’re feeling super-stretched but want more, I could be your experienced “go to” marketing and comms freelancer who will help you to grow your business.

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8 reasons to work with me

You’ll get:

1. More headspace

When we work together, you’ll have peace of mind that stuff is being done and get extra headspace to focus on more important things – aka the strategic stuff for your clients, as well as your own business. One client even said I helped her to bring calmness to her day.

2. A new team member

If you have ever felt a moment of overwhelm or confusion in not having a team to pass work to or bounce ideas, this is where I come in. I’ll be your valued team member and colleague, providing a sounding board and working with you to reach your goals. I’m on your side.

3. An increase in turnover

When we work together you can take on additional clients, which means more income for your business. And because my day rate is going to be less than yours, you might like to charge my time out at your rate. One client saw a significant increase in turnover when working with me.

4. Extra time in your day

…Not only for work but for your home life too. You’ll get back a few hours to do what you want to focus on. Perhaps you want to spend more time planning so that you’re being proactive, rather than reactive. You’ll have more time to think strategically and have additional time for your clients. And you may also be able to shut down your computer an hour or two earlier.

5. To say “yes” to new clients

Have you become the victim of your own success with referrals popping up all over the place? You really want to take on this exciting new project, rather than recommending a competitor again because you’re at capacity. Well, now you can say “yes”. And what’s more is that your client wins because they have access to 2 experts with a likely 20+ combined years of experience.

6. Caught up with your own business development

If you’re busy recommending to clients that they should have X, Y or Z marketing/PR initiative in place in their business but you don’t have it sorted in your own business, this can feel pretty rubbish. Let me help you to feel sorted in your business by freeing up your time so you can catch up. Or alternatively, you might like some support with getting your website up together with new case studies or blog posts.

7. To stay sane

Have you been dreaming of a new career? You know, the one where you have a simpler life. Just imagine: being a postie delivering the mail, being outside in the fresh air, and regularly stopping to chat to the friendly residents. I’m here to take the load off, to keep you excited about your business (don’t worry, we all know that deep-down you love your job and this is temporary) and perhaps even reduce your caffeine intake.

8. (And last but certainly not least…) A holiday

Yes, everyone needs some time out to fully recharge, including you! You can trust me to be there for your clients, while you take a much-needed break. Let’s just remember to book our holidays at different times…

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My values and a bit about me

  • I believe that marketing and PR is about offering the right solutions and sharing honest stories that help people to solve their problems.
  • I understand that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach so when we work together, support is tailored to your ambitions.
  • I’m known for my honest and direct approach and I’ll be open in my communication.
  • As an introvert, I love my cosy and quiet little office of one, where I do my best work. My working style: on calls and in meetings, I tend to do a lot of listening and ask questions. I’ll then go off and do my thinking, before gathering my thoughts and ideas in writing.
  • Having worked in the third sector for the majority of my working life, I’m always keen to get involved with client projects that help out charities and not-for-profits.

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