Businesses nailing customer communications during Covid-19


Customers want more empathy from brands. They also want to be able to trust what businesses say but consumer trust remains low. These were top trends at the Festival of Marketing 2019.

Fast forward to the current crisis and the need for businesses to deliver difficult messaging sensitively is now more important than ever. To connect with customers on an emotional level, to reassure, to build trust and to demonstrate helpfulness. 

After all, we are going to remember businesses that get this wrong. And for those getting it right, we are likely to remain as, or convert to, loyal customers.

Examples from businesses doing it right

Here are two examples of businesses taking a ‘human’ approach in line with their brand tone of voice. 

Thank you to my LinkedIn network for sharing these brilliant examples. 

1. Boden

The clothing retailer shares a personal letter from its founder Johnie Boden on the back of its catalogue.


Why this is a great example 

✅ Authentic and personal note from the founder.

✅ Avoids corporate language – uses ‘it’s hard to know what to say right now’ rather than ‘unprecedented times’.

✅ Is honest – identifies that new clothing isn’t a top priority for many people right now.

✅ Comes across as genuinely caring.

✅ Covers what safety precautions Boden staff are taking but does this briefly  – the focus is on the customer.

✅ Sense of humour – a nice extra touch! 

2. Tails

The dog food subscription service shares a personal note on this postcard.

Tails brand example via LinkedIn

Why this is a great example 

✅ Being helpful – ‘we’re here for you – continuing to deliver’.

✅ Avoids corporate language – uses ‘in times like these’ rather than ‘unprecedented times’.

✅ Bringing in a lighthearted tone in line with existing brand – how lovely is ‘we need to keep our chins up and tails wagging’?

✅ Shows a cute photo of dogs – what’s not to like? 🐶😊

✅ Photo includes the words ‘We’re here with you’ – reassuring.

Final note

What these communications examples have in common is that they avoid corporate jargon. They are themselves – authentically human and personal – speaking honestly and in line with their brand identity.

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Image: Taken from open-source site unDraw where you can add your brand colour to ready-made illustrations.