Caring in Bristol’s Christmas Appeal

This month’s inspiring campaign comes from Bristol-based homeless charity, Caring in Bristol. The festive red envelope with photo of smiling faces of this door drop campaign immediately drew me in………

Arriving on door mats in mid-November, the timing of this campaign was spot on; early enough to beat other Christmas campaigns but not too early to annoy those not yet ready to utter the ‘C’ word.

The big impact envelope – why this works

Caring in Bristol has gone ‘all out’ on the envelope design, creating a bold, eye-catching design that demands to be opened. 

The splash of the Christmas red immediately catches the attention – as do the photographs of the people smiling and enjoying food. 

Next our eyes are naturally drawn to ‘Bristol’s Big Christmas Dinner’ message, which personally sparks my curiosity – ‘something is happening in my city, I wonder what it is….’

Then finally, the ‘No one should be left out in the cold this Christmas’ message and large charity logo placement tells us that this is a fundraising appeal. But a different one at that.

This campaign appears to share a happy and uplifting message and story, inviting us to join the Christmas cheer; a rarity in a sea of fundraising appeal stories designed to shock us into giving.

Caring in Bristol’s appeal tugs at the heartstrings in a more gentle and empowering way,

So, what was inside?

Inside the envelope there are the standard elements of a fundraising appeal:

  • Persuasive cover letter from the charity’s director, linking the appeal’s focus with what they’re trying to achieve – the inclusion of additional positive photographs, showing behind the scenes of a Christmas Day lunch, with the ‘thank you’ splash at the end of the letter, are really lovely
  • Personal story from a beneficiary demonstrating the impact of the charity and how it has helped them
  • Suggested donation amounts menu showcasing how different monetary donations can specifically help – good to see very specific monetary amounts with rounding to 50p on some, which makes them seem more real
  • Donation form
  • Stamp addressed envelope

Learnable moment

How can you bring a wow factor to a direct mail or email campaign so that it demands to be opened?

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