Creating more space in 2019

The mantra my yoga teacher often calming speaks during our weekly class is this:

“Create space in your body to become flexible.”

The same applies with time. Free up your time and you have more flexibility to do other things.

Having more time, gives us additional headspace to think more clearly and help our ideas to naturally form and take shape.

We have space to look at and action the important stuff, rather than our often continual list of urgent and reactive to dos.

For several of my clients, gaining headspace is the primary benefit of working together – more so than seeing an increase in turnover, for example.

When we make time, we gain time.

3 ways to free up your time and create more space in your day

1. Stop checking your mobile every time it pings – turn off notifications for as many applications as possible, such as your email. Go one step further and lock your phone away in a drawer or give it to your partner, a colleague or friend to hide so that you can focus on a piece of work for a long chunk of time without interruptions. When we cut away the noise of constant information, we are creating a space for ideas to enter.

2. Start, stop, continue – Going back to basics, what tasks do you really need to so and what can you stop or do less of? We all get trapped with the urgent tasks instead of the important tasks at times. It might feel counter-intuitive, especially when there is client work coming out of your ears and an ever-growing to do list. Taking a couple of hours out of your day to plan, can really help.

3. Time to outsource – You’ve done the planning session but you’ve still got a long to do list. Can you call in a favour in or do you have someone to delegate to? Outsourcing is becoming an ever-increasing popular choice amongst successful business owners, as it gives you additional space and flexibility to focus on the important things. I’m a marketing and PR freelancer working solely with marketing consultants and PR consultants to help take a load off, give my clients more headspace and grow their business.

How we can work together in 2019

As an experienced freelancer with more than a decade of experience in marketing, PR and communications roles, I can support you during your busy periods, to free up your time. You might task me with activities such as case study interviewing and writing, media request and mention monitoring, creating content for social media, blogs, press releases and more.

Think of me as your back office support, operating behind the scenes, to help you get more.

An ideal way to get started is helping you to feel caught up with marketing or PR activities for your own business. Perhaps you’re busy recommending to clients that they should have X or Y marketing/PR initiative in place in their business but you still don’t have it sorted in your own business?

I also work with marketing consultants and PR consultants, where I provide both regular and ad-hoc project support for their clients and accounts.

Time to get more headspace in your day by outsourcing?

Let’s arrange a free 30 minute chat to see if I can help you. Get in touch by emailing or phoning 0770 287 4764.

Image: Created using Canva – ask me about how I can create similar images for your business or your client accounts.