Discover Puerto Rico creates new Pantone colour to ‘share in the sunshine’

Discover Puerto Rico, the island’s Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO), has developed a new Pantone colour, ‘Puerto Rico Sunshine’.

The first Pantone colour of its kind, it is directly inspired by the Puerto Rican sunlight and described as an ‘exuberant and exotic sun-kissed orange shade infused with energizing warmth and a gregarious presence’ 🔥😍

The island has launched the colour as part of its ‘share in the sunshine’ campaign. Sharing their sunshine with US citizens to help energise and revitalise during the coldest and darkest months. 

And the DMO has gone one step further by creating a paint product – if you’re in the USA, you can buy ‘Puerto Rico Sunshine’ and bring it into your home 😯

Why it works

Whilst the new Pantone colour is a brilliantly innovative concept in itself, what I really love are the partnerships and associated content that have been developed to support the product and campaign.

😎 Unleashing the power of partnerships – the DMO partners with: 

  • Héctor J. Jiménez/University of Puerto Rico to scientifically capture and validate the shade
  • The Pantone Colour Institute to develop the colour as a product
  • ECOS Paints to make the non-toxic paint 
  • Interior designer Cristina Villalon to provide tips on how people can utilise the colour in their home 

😎 A lot of thought has gone into developing interesting and varied content to engage consumers

  • ‘Explore Our Sunniest Spots’ feature – showcasing towns and hot spots around the island to spark interest in the destination
  • Paint tips for using the paint at home – to inspire DIY enthusiasts and sell more of the product
  • Competition to win a trip to Puerto Rico – to get new email subscribers

…..And this: ‘Paradise for Your Inbox – get travel inspiration, news, tips and more delivered monthly’. Erm, yes, please! 😃🌴

😎 The messaging – the campaign name, ‘share in the sunshine’, is a welcoming message for potential visitors. The islanders literally want you to come and enjoy the sunshine with them. To experience their warm weather and warm, friendly culture.

😎 The timing – this new paint was launched in January, when the DMO’s prospective audience will be experiencing the gloomy winter months and thinking ahead to warmer times and booking their vacation. Even if they’re not able to experience the tropical warmth of the island straight away, they can bring some sunshine into their home with the paint product.

😎 The positioning/audience – the DMO could have used this new paint product as a way to reach out to everyone in the world with a ‘come and visit us for sunshine’ message but they niched down to focus on the US market.

Learnable moment

How could your clients partner up and collaborate with other people or organisations to develop engaging content that wins over your target market?

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