Wrapping up for Christmas with FatFace

FatFace’s kraft paper shopping bags double up as Christmas wrapping paper that give a helping hand to customers this festive season. A gift tag has even been thoughtfully included in the bag’s design.

I’m not a FatFace customer but if you are, this idea probably isn’t new to you. It turns out they’ve been running this ‘Christmas all wrapped up’ campaign for the last 3 years. 

Why it works

🎅 It’s fun, light and engaging – just what we want at this time of year. The cheery ‘sleigh bells’ backing music is getting us in the festive mood.

✅ It ticks the sustainability box* where more and more consumers are expecting ‘green’ solutions from their favourite brands. Here FatFace is providing customers with a shopping bag that can be reused; a step up from recycling.

🔍 It’s a different way for FatFace to get their name out there and reinforces their company mission of wanting to bring ‘style and positivity’ to their customers.

🎄 If we’re terrible present wrappers, the short, instructional video walks us through how to wrap with ease.

🎨 And for arty types who want to dial up finishing flourishes? FatFace have partnered with The Modern Calligraphy Co to share some simple steps for creating beautiful lettering.

Extra Brownie points for creating the video content to reach more people online – FatFace could have simply gone with the bags themselves.

* Disclaimer: I’m not a sustainability expert and haven’t the foggiest as to what their environmental credentials actually stack up! 

Making the content work harder

If they haven’t already, FatFace could maximise the concept/content further, by:

  • Commissioning content that links mindfulness and wrapping – and other activities we enjoy doing during the holidays, jigsaw puzzles, long walks….
  • Video content explaining how to wrap awkward shapes – clothes and other products using their bags
  • Infographics with top tips for mindful present wrapping
  • Social media content that starts conversations with followers:
    • a poll inviting people to share whether they love or hate wrapping gifts at Christmas
    • what they enjoy listening to when they wrap – Christmas tunes, favourite podcast, TV show, etc
    • Favourite ‘mindful’ activities at this time of year

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