WWT’s ‘A Year in Pictures’

Demonstrating impact in a visually engaging way

This beautiful round-up feature celebrates UK charity Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust’s conservation successes and highlights from 2021. It’s light on text, heavy on photographs…

Why it works

✔ It offers something different to that of a standard annual report. 

The feature showcases 1-2 monthly highlights that demonstrate WWT’s impact. For donors wanting more information and numbers, an annual report is available in PDF format.

✔ It provides an immersive experience for the reader. 

Built using Shorthand, the reader scrolls through the stunning photographs to read short excerpts of text. 

✔ It’s on brand. 

WWT uses imagery of birds and nature throughout its content to send powerful messages about its work. Here the carefully curated photographs are helping to tell the story. 

✔ It focuses on WWT’s supporters. 

In the welcome note: “2021 has been a year to remember. All of this, is thanks to you.” Plus it’s not salesy. The call to action is to find out more about WWT’s projects, rather than to make a donation. 

✔ It’s treated as a core piece of content. 

Accessible from WWT’s website homepage, WWT are maximising the reach of the feature. The annual report PDF is accessible is easily navigable from the ‘Publications and reports’ section if people go looking for it. 

What do you think of this approach? Could ‘A Year in Pictures’ work for your clients?

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