How it works

I relish being the doer or implementer – meaning that you continue to do what you do best – advising your clients on the strategy (while I get on with the doing).

I’ll be proactive in suggesting ways to improve things (if there are any!) – you’ll not only have an extra pair of hands but a fresh pair of eyes and new perspective. I’ll share my ideas with you, which you can then pass on to your client, if you so wish.

Your client remains your client. Stealing a client’s client is definitely a “no no” and something to be frowned upon. I won’t be claiming the work I do for you as my own either.

As a “completer/finisher” (Belbin profiling) and with my carefully considered approach, your projects will be completed thoroughly, giving you peace of mind.

For outsourced work, you can trust me to communicate directly with your client or you can remain the main point of contact with your client – the choice is yours.

I’ll be on your side – I want to support you to help you achieve more and to reach the next rung on your ladder. My aim is to be your valued team member and colleague.

You can rely on me to provide regular status updates on a project so that you’re always in the loop and there are no nasty surprises.

New client process

First and foremost: Do you think we’re a good fit for working together? If you are thinking about outsourcing, I understand how important it is to find a freelancer you can trust. And more than this, we’ll need to share the same values.

Like what you see? Now, it’s time to get in touch to arrange your 30 minute free and no obligation call.

Time to catch up! You can tell me all about your business and what you need help with. And I’ll be ready with my questions to dig a little deeper.

Following our call, I’ll send you a draft freelance agreement and proposal for your review.

Once the agreement has been signed and the proposal reviewed, we’ll set up a kick-off session.

I’ll get to work! And you can now focus on your other more important stuff, knowing that you’re being supported by a safe and steady extra pair of hands.

Frequently asked questions

I’m not a PR consultant or a marketing consultant but I’m looking for some support – can you help? I only work with PR consultants, communications consultants and marketing consultants. If this isn’t you, do feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try and help by giving you a name(s) of someone who may be better placed to provide support.

I’m a PR/marketing consultant based outside of the UK – can you help me? I only work with UK based PR and marketing consultants. However, please email me in case I can give you a name(s) of someone who may be able to help you.

I’m not 100% sure if outsourcing is right for me but I would like to give it a go – do you offer any money back guarantees? I don’t offer any money back guarantees. However, when I start working with new clients, we’ll initially work together on a trial basis for anywhere between 1 to 3 months, depending on the project. After this time, we will have a meeting to review work to date and if we’re both happy to proceed, we can take things from there. Another way in which I have started working with some of my clients, is to work on my client’s business first – for example, you may need work doing on your website or creating an awareness calendar in line with your objectives. This means that you can “dip your toe in the water” so to speak before putting me directly in front of your clients.

Will you work alongside me in my office? I like working remotely and want to keep it that way. I’ll happily jump on regular calls or meet in person if you’re in or local to Bristol.

How do you charge? Work is charged by the hour or as a package or project rate, as agreed with the client.

My budget is a £150 day rate – interested? Sorry but I’m not your person. I’m not an office junior or straight out of uni. I have 10+ years in marketing and comms roles at international publishing companies and not-for-profits, before going freelance. Prices start from £40 per hour.

Will I need to sign a contract? Yes, if we decide after we have spoken that we are a good fit and I can help your business, then I will prepare a freelance agreement for both parties to sign.

Can I set you up with my business email address? I am more than happy to work on a client project using your company’s email address and email signature. In fact, I already work in this way with some of my clients.

How do I pay you? The majority of clients are invoiced on a monthly basis where my work is being charged by an hourly rate. Payment is due within 14 days. You can find my full terms of business here.

How do I brief you on a project? You will send your brief via email and we can schedule a call to discuss the finer detail and answer each other’s questions.

Are you insured? Yes, I have professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance with provider With Jack.

Time to get things moving?

Let’s arrange a free 30 minute chat to see if I can help you.