Services for your business

Services for your business

If you are so stretched that you’re falling behind with your own marketing or PR for your own business, then I can help you get caught up. Perhaps you’re busy recommending to clients that they should have X, Y or Z marketing/PR initiative in place in their business but you don’t have it sorted in your own business. If we haven’t yet worked together, this can be a great way to get started. Think of me as your back office support, working behind the scenes to help you get more done.

And because I know that doing marketing and PR for your own business is an overhead, rather than a money-making exercise, my rate is slightly lower and offers an introduction to my services.

Here are some of the ways I can help you:

  • Conduct research that will inform your client pitches or speaking gigs

  • Create and repurpose evergreen content for different channels – i.e. turning blog articles or white papers into infographics

  • Write up case studies

  • Edit and publish website content, such as news stories or blogs

  • Identify industry awards you should consider entering (and assist with the application process which may also include drafting the entry)

  • Source editorial calendars for your target publications

  • Create a media list for outlets/publications in which you should be aiming to get coverage


Prices start from £40 per hour.

Time to get things moving?

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