Services for busy marketing consultants and PR consultants

My services fall in to the following two areas:

1. Support that helps you in your own business

If we don’t yet know one another, this can be a great way to get started, as it offers an introduction to working together. Think of me as your back office support, operating behind the scenes, to help you get more done in your business. And because I know that doing marketing and PR for your own business is an overhead, rather than a money-making exercise, my rate is lower than outsourced client work.

2. Outsourced support on your client accounts

Desk and market research | Content and asset development | Benchmarking and analysis

If you’re at capacity and need someone to take a load off or if you’re eager to take on some additional clients and exciting new projects, I can help you out. Outsourcing some of your project work to an experienced freelancer can give you more headspace to do what you do best: the strategic stuff. It can also mean more income for your business because my day rate is going to be less than yours. 
Find out more about my outsourcing services: Are you a marketing consultant or are you a PR consultant? Click on your button below to find out more about how I can help you. 

Support is tailored to your business

The service I provide is totally flexible, meaning that I work with you on an ad-hoc or regular basis, on one project or on a variety of tasks. Perhaps you’d like to completely hand over the social media management element for one of your clients so need some regular support every month. Or another of your clients has a big event coming up and they’ve asked you to help with some additional work – you’d love to say yes but you don’t currently have the capacity – unless of course you are able to outsource this work to a freelancer.