TV2’s elevated benches raising awareness of rising sea levels

Danish television company TV2 has installed elevated park benches in Copenhagen and other cities across Denmark to get people talking about climate change.

Standing 85cm higher than other standard benches, they have been elevated to match the UN’s forecasted rise in sea level by 2100.

A plaque on the bench reads: “Flooding will become part of our everyday life unless we start doing something about our climate. According to the latest UN Climate Report sea-levels are expected to rise with up to 1 meter before 2100 if the global warming continues”.

Why this works

The benches grab the attention of people going about their everyday life in a simple but tangible way – it’s not another billboard advert. The benches are out of the ordinary, they can be seen at a distance and will spark curiosity. They are impossible not to see!

People will want to know why they are there and it’s likely to be a talking point amongst family, friends and colleagues: ‘Have you seen the benches…. What do you think?’.

The benches are a strong visual reminder of the dangers of rising sea levels.

Learnable moment

How can you and your clients communicate an important campaign message outside of traditional channels? Is there a way to do something outside of the norm that will spark a conversation amongst your target audience?

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