Two beautiful email campaigns from luxury hotels to learn from

As the seasons change and we move into autumn here in the UK, I’ve been impressed by a couple of email campaigns from luxury spa hotels landing in my inbox. Take a look…

1. Thyme

Thyme is a restored historic manor and farm in Lechlade in the Cotswolds. A small boutique hotel with spa, kitchen garden and restaurant, Thyme’s ethos is all about nurturing guests in harmony with the land. As well as welcoming artisans and experts to run classes, workshops and talks, it has a retail brand selling sustainable homewares and clothing.

“Thyme is a family story where a passion for the land, food and entertaining merges with a love of nature, beauty and conservation.”

(Email cropped)

Why this works

Thyme consistently sends email communications offering delightful seasonal updates on what is growing in the kitchen garden and news on other ‘happenings’. All in addition to calls to actions to book a stay, a spa treatment, a table in the restaurant or an event, as well as sharing updates on Bertioli home and clothing products.

This particular newsletter style email shares an update on the apples ripening in Thyme’s orchard and the Head Chef’s irresistible Tart Tatin recipe. It tells prospective guests that it’s their last chance to use the spring water swimming pool and Orchid House before being hibernated for the winter months. It also features an article from a recent issue of independent magazine, Bloom, where Thyme’s founder speaks to journalist Zena Alkayat.

The soothing colour palette, well thought out email design and professional photographs, ooze sophistication and luxury. The simplicity and beauty makes you want to slow down, connect with nature and feed your soul with all that Thyme has to offer.

2. Bedruthan

Set on the wild cliffs of North Cornwall, Bedruthan Hotel & Spa offers a place to unwind and take in the sea air. Similar to Thyme, it positions itself as a luxurious venue and has a busy event programme of arty and creative workshops.

Why this works

Bedruthan is particularly good at emailing through well-crafted packages of their stay, eat and spa offerings. The simplicity of approach – not trying to cram in too much information – works well.

This specific email campaign promotes one stand-alone offer (‘book your winter escape’) with two upsell options (‘make your stay extra special’). Lastly, there’s an option at the end of the email to buy the winter escape package as a gift.

The copy opens with:

“Picture this… blustery beach walks, wave watching from our clifftop spa, cosy Cornish food, and a moment of blissful calm by open flames.”

I am picturing it! Are you? These descriptions, combined with the cosy photographs of the open log fire and comforting stew, make for a powerful emotional trigger. I’m responding with a “yes, please” and wanting to book in a winter break, pronto.

Let’s wrap up

Both of these emails show the importance of investing in the overall design, as much as the content (text and imagery) itself, as a way to stand out in a saturated market.

Key takeaways to consider in line with a marketing/communications strategy:

✔ Invest in having professional photographs taken of the business for different seasons

✔ Seek the help of a graphic designer to create an email template in line with branding

✔ Design attractive packages/offers for different times of the year to drive occupancy and revenue

✔ Segment mailing list and send relevant packages and content to different audience groups

✔ Establish the target audience’s emotional trigger points and communicate the benefits

✔ Consider developing different types of content to support offers, e.g. recipes interview features etc

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