“What sort of things can you help me with?”

I sometimes get asked what I do on a day-to-day basis and it is often difficult to talk openly about a lot of my client work as I take confidentiality seriously. 

For some of my PR/communications and marketing consultant clients, I work directly with and I am in regular contact with their clients. For others, I work behind the scenes on their business or specific parts of a client project and my services are ‘white labelled’. 

So while I’m not naming names, here’s a list of some of the one-off projects and work undertaken as part of retained services in 2020:

Emergency fundraising appeal for a charity client on the back of the Covid-19 crisis – working with a PR & communications consultant

  • Writing webpage content and building the webpage in WordPress
  • Writing social media draft templates for a corporate partner and supporter 
  • Creating eye-catching images using Canva

Visitor economy marketing strategy and plan – working with a marketing consultant

  • Desk based research – market assessment and product assessment 
  • Editing of the final 85 page strategic report, providing recommendations for improvements to the content, structure and design
  • Support with the creation of the accompanying PowerPoint presentation

Children’s activity resources – working with a PR & communications consultant

  • Developing a library of activity sheets and activity booklets that parents can do with their children while they spend more time at home during Covid
  • Working with a graphic designer on the layout and design and proofing loops
  • Working with a website consultant to build a new webpage to house the resources, with download management plug-in
  • Writing a promotion plan and building and sending the various comms – email newsletter, social media, information for partner organisations, etc

Celebrating International Tea Day – working with a PR & communications consultant

  • Writing a news story for a new recipe and uploading this on to the client’s website 
  • Creating recipe instructional graphics 
  • Using a mix of photos, graphics and video to write and post social media messages tailored for Instagram (post and story), Facebook and Twitter

Newsletter – working with a PR & communications consultant

  • Collating various content and communications from the past quarter and editing to form a newsletter before being briefed to a designer

Website review – working with a PR & communications consultant

  • Conducting a review of the consultant’s website to advise on improvements to copy and messaging, design and user experience, comms freelancer to comms freelancer 

Despite 2020 being a challenging year, I count myself lucky to have worked on some really interesting projects with some brilliant consultants and freelancers.

Happy Christmas!

Looking for an extra pair of experienced hands in 2021? 

If you have plans to grow your team in the new year and want to work with an experienced marketing and comms freelancer, I might be able to help. Get in touch by emailing me at ali@alisonhadley.co.uk.

Image: Taken from open-source site unDraw where you can add your brand colour to ready-made illustrations.